Hypno-Band Weight Loss System

What is the Hypno-Band?

The Hypno-Band Weight Loss System is a hypnotherapy programme designed to enable weight loss by mimicking the effect of a gastric band. The programme is made up of a series of sessions which combine direct suggestions, visualisation and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques. By using this carefully tailored combination of techniques, the client mentally believes that they have undergone gastric band surgery. Thereby enabling the client to eat smaller portions of food and have their hunger satisfied more quickly.

What steps are involved?

The programme is made up of four sessions, spread over 6-8 weeks. In the first session a full case history is taken and the client’s suitability for the programme is assessed. In sessions 2-4 the client is taken through the preparation, surgery and post-op stages.

How much does it cost?

Each session costs £60. More sessions can be booked if required, but the programme is designed to be no less than four sessions.

An interesting article from the Hypno-band Founder, John Mclean – Weight Loss without all the surgery.

This article from The Sun describes one woman’s experience – Gastric Mind Band helps Mum lose 4 stone.

**Weight loss sessions booked in January will be reduced to £50, saving £40 on the cost of the Hypno-band programme.**

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