Past Life Regression

Past-life regression sessions are approximately 90mins in length and cost £90. A deep level of trance is achieved and clients are then taken into the past with guided visualisation. Many clients experience a moment of questioning before suddenly becoming aware of a ‘story’ unfolding around them. Regression sessions such as these enable clients to be able to resolve past issues and in some cases answer questions that have been long unanswered.

There are many theories as to what past-life regression could be. For example the theory of reincarnation, Jung’s collective unconscious, genetic memories or simply a way of the unconscious solving a problem, but I think whatever your beliefs this is without doubt a really interesting experience. All sessions are recorded and a CD or MP3 supplied following the session.

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Anger Management
Anxiety and stress
Fears and Phobias
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Panic attacks
Performance anxiety
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