Over the years, I have taken a great deal of satisfaction helping people from all different walks of life overcome their fears, phobias, addictions and for others helping them to lead a more fulfilling life. Here are some of what my past and present clients had to say:

“It’s eye-opening to see how effective therapy can be. Thank you Alexia for your help.”


“Alexia is the best counsellor I could have wished for. She has helped me move on with my life and I am very grateful for what she’s done.”


“Just to let you know that I am doing well according to my friends and I am feeling on top of the world.”


“I cannot thank you enough for your caring and human approach, your expertise and skill as a therapist in all you have helped me work through. I have finally taught that ‘black dog’ how to sit and heel, neither of these would have been possible without your help.”


“I am writing to thank you for your help prior to my son’s wedding. The sessions we had went a long way to getting me to feel good on the day.”


Hi Alexia, Just to let you know, I survived the flights to and from Los
Angeles!!! I cried once on the way out when it was a bit bumpy, and not at all on the way back when it was even bumpier.  This doesn’t sound a lot but it
is real progress!  Apart from that I was fine, managed to watch films
and eat all the meals provided. A side effect has also been that I managed to go on scary rides at Universal Studios and Disneyland.  Previously I wouldn’t have dreamed of going on a rollercoaster, but I did, and survived that as well
(although I was screaming more than the little kids). Thanks for your help!  I’m looking forward to my next holiday – although I haven’t decided where to go yet!


“It sounds dramatic but Alexia has changed my life. I was suffering from a birth trauma that was affecting many areas of my life. Alexia used the Human Givens’ Rewind technique, which I was quite sceptical about, but after six sessions I feel very differently and am happy again. Anybody who has a problem, I just want them to go to Alexia as she is very special.”


“I came to see you at the end of May to help me stop biting my nails, which I had done all my life. We only had one session but I haven’t bitten them since, or had any desire to bite them. Thank you so much.”


“Just a quick message as you were definitely part of the process – I started running a few months ago and ran my 1st 5km race yesterday! It’s the 1st race I have ever run in my adult life and the 1st of four I have entered this year. Not looking super thin yet, but I feel great! Anyway I just wanted to let you know and thank you once again for all your help.”


“Thank you Alexia, I have been feeling much calmer in the situations we worked on. I have continued practicing the self-hypnosis which is good and really useful as it gives me some time to relax. Thanks again for your help – and for being such a nice person to have met.”


“Hi Alexia, I returned from Vietnam yesterday and I just wanted to let you know I had a fantastic time. Managed to sleep on the plane and even enjoyed the internal flights. Was a bit nervous leaving Gatwick, but I think the positive thinking and relaxation techniques you taught me really helped. I didn’t worry about the flight home and I am looking forward to going back again next year, so the huge turnaround I needed!”


“Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me with my fear of flying. The sessions have been a huge success and I didn’t once have a panic about the flying process. I was able to chill out on my holiday and not worry about the flight home.”


“The Hypnoband is amazing! It has really changed the way I think about food. I am no longer snacking between meals and I have even given up Diet Cola.”


“I have lost 6lb in the last two weeks. I have tried dieting and weight loss groups in the past with no luck. But it doesn’t even feel like I am trying this time and I’m still losing weight!!”


“After suffering a needle phobia since childhood, I decided to take action and booked an appointment to see Alexia. After just one session I noticed a change and I haven’t looked back since! Hypnotherapy is amazing.”


Alexia has helped me feel positive about myself again. I have a new inner peace.”


“I have always been sceptical about hypnotherapy as it has had negative press coverage in the past. However, I have to say it has now made a massive difference in my life. I had serious confidence issues with horses that also affected me by filtering through in to my personal life. Hypnotherapy has altered the way I deal with a lot of different situations now, with the horses and general stresses in life. I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy with Alexia to anyone that has issues or bad habits in life they wish to overcome and have failed to do so by other means.”


“Thank you so much for being our speaker last night. You gave such an interesting talk and a fascinating insight into the many benefits of hypnotherapy.”

Women’s Institute, Devon

“Thank you for all your help with regards to flying. We had a wonderful holiday and we are already planning our next trip. Thank you for your kindness, patience and understanding.”


“Thank you for everything. Your insight and guidance has really helped me overcome my past struggles. You have changed my life.”


“Hi, I just wanted to let you know that te techniques you taught me have really worked. I feel much more confident and received brilliant feedback on a presentation I gave today. Thank you.”


“I would like to thank you so much for all your help, you made me feel extremely comfortable and I am grateful that there was someway of helping the situation when I couldn’t help myself and now I feel very positive about my present and future.”


Hi Alexia, You may remember that I came to see you in Barnstaple a few times with regard to my fear of heights. Just to let you know that all went well on my trip back to New Zealand. There were occasions when I started to get panic attacks but overall I was able to get through them with relative ease. Once was when I was on a high bridge heading off Manhattan on the way to the airport, and the other was climbing up several flights of stairs inside the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Both times I was able to breathe deep, raise my head and look straight ahead as you suggested and get through the situation. I avoided going over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, though did go in a boat underneath it!


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