What is Psychotherapy?

woman listening ear in a psychotherapy sessionPsychotherapy is a type of therapy used to treat emotional, social or mental health problems. The term ‘psychotherapy’ covers a wide range of approaches and methods which range from one-to-one talking sessions, to therapies that use techniques such as role-play, art, music or dance. Psychotherapists work with couples, families or groups whose members share similar problems. Psychotherapy can be provided for adolescents and children, as well as adults.

The psychotherapy approach I use, is called The Human Givens. It draws upon the latest findings from neurobiology and psychology, regarding how people function and what we need to lead physically, mentally and emotionally healthy lives. It’s an organising idea that starts with the law of living organisms, which states that to survive, we need to take nourishment from the environment to maintain and rebuild. All animals need to eat, drink, breath, sleep and require shelter and warmth for survival. We accept these are ‘givens’. Psychologists throughout the ages, have also determined that we have other nutritional needs which are emotional rather than physical, which need to be met. These include, a need for security, attention, an emotional connection to others, feeling in control, having status and the sense that our lives are meaningful.

How well our innate and incomplete patterns of need are completed, determines many aspects of our personality and how we develop physically and emotionally, as well as how well we do in life. If our needs are met in a balanced way, we feel physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. If our needs are not being met in balance, we can feel frustrated, angry and stressed. This can then lead to the development of anxiety disorders, depression and addictions.

However innate needs being met is only half the story. Nature has provided us with a wealth of resources to help us get our needs met. These include the development of complex long-term memory, the ability to build rapport and empathise with others, to problem-solve and be able to change thinking styles and last but not least, the dreaming brain. In some cases it maybe that we misuse these innate resources or that they have not properly developed.

What do sessions involve?

Clients may have one area of their lives where they need help, or the problem may have multiple causes, Human Given’s therapists use a combination of proven, psychotherapeutic skills to help clients regain control, get their needs met in a more balanced way and develop their innate resources. Sessions are solution-focused and start with the formation of an achievable and meaningful goal. Human Givens can use guided imagery and relaxation techniques similar to those used in hypnosis.

How many sessions will I need?

Human Givens Psychotherapy is described as brief therapy and clients will rarely require more than six sessions. Often three or four sessions will be enough to reinforce positive, lasting change.

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Hypnotherapy & Psychotheraphy for:

Anger Management
Anxiety and stress
Fears and Phobias
Life coaching
Panic attacks
Performance anxiety
Weight control

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